Swarovski Crystal Store

Swarovski Crystal Forest Chadstone Shopping Centre Victoria

The Swarovski Crystal Store in Chadstone was the first new style Swarovski store in Auatralia and had a total available build time of only five weeks. Details of the build included;

  • Very intricate and different compared with the previous red stores which we have done for the past 6 years.
  • Includes a very new and exciting fascade which is a highly polished aluminium
  • Totally new joinery and methods of construction with all joinery being shipped and co-ordinated from overseas
  • Delays in shipping of joinery meant this Boutique ( Directly opposite Anton Jewellers and built at the same time ) was also only fascade completed for opening and opened in full 3 days after.
  • The use of a new style of electrical and lighting, joinery, flooring and shop front meant learning as you go for all trades involved with this project.
  • However this was made easier as Broadley was given the opportunity to go to Hong Kong prior when awarded the project to see this boutique and its components being constructed in Hong Kong and meet with the international project manager for this Boutique.
  • The outcome was something very different and well accepted by customers and other shop fitters intrigued with the design and construction of this project.
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