Anton's Jewellers

The recent retail fit-out of Anton Jewellery store in Chandstone Victoria, included liaison and coodination of a number of third party trades, making this job a particularly tricky one to deliver on time. Project details included

  • Project was very detailed with the use of Calcutta marble columns, Gold clad doors, imported wall paper etc.
  • The time frame for this project was a five week build time for the opening of this section of the new Chadstone mall but unfortunately due to a late signing of contracts and more importantly delays from our joiner we were only able to complete the fascade prior to the opening of the centre and we completed the internal joinery by night after hours and delivered the final completed project approximately 4 weeks after schedule ( which was a first for us to be late on delivering a job but these things were beyond our control and have been addressed in detail not to occur again
  • Many trades involved including a large number this time of third party trades by the client as they were know to them from past works, namely the lighting and security.
  • Very intricate ceiling design with a chandelier which can be raised and lowered by means of a remote control for easy cleaning and changing of globes.
  • The end result of the project was an incredible shop with full credit to the design team and the client although very disappointed in the delays stuck by us and fulfilled their obligations and helped us in every possible way to complete the project.
  • Also third party retailers components were a part of the joinery install including Tag Huer, Dior, Cartier of which we helped co-ordinate.
  • Anton
  • Office
  • Antona
  • Chandalier

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