Adria RyBar & Grill

Located at Cockle Bay Wharf Sydney, Adria RyBar and Grill was commissioned by it's owner/ and Dreamtime Australia Design - see Dreamtime Australia's reference here

Extent of Work covered by ABroadley Biulders & Project Management included the Blue Light feature wall, rear feature wall, cladding for bar and kitchen fronts, bench tops, outside signage and blackboards. Materials for the job included Recycled Oregon, Black Butt, Norfolk Pine, Camfaloural, Iron Bark

All work was carried out by hand for this challenging job. We thank those who helped us source and supply these timbers and especially those form such far distances. it is simply exquisite to look at in its finished state.


Engaged by both the Owner and Dreamtime Australia Design. ABroadley Builders & Project Management was asked to carry out some of the finishes work for the restaurant, in particular sourcing where required and completing work with many of the timber finishes including the striking Blue lit feature wall.

In this project a range of timbers were used to give the required effect. Cladding of all the bar and kitchen fronts as well as the feature wall and bays (which store bi-fold door systems) were of recycled Oregon.

Timber used for the L-shaped eating bench forming part of the centre grill area, is Rose Mahogany. Timber used for the fronts of the main grill area is also Red Mahogany. A combination of Black Butt and Norfolk Pine was used for the Bar and Kitchen area.

The Bar receiving a combination of these two woods while the kitchen front uses only Norfolk Pine. The blue lit feature wall is made from dressed recycled Oregon while the rear feature wall of the banquet area and adjoining storage bay door use wire brushed Oregon in various sizes

Each piece for this wall was individually cut and fixed with uplight/downlight boxes made and fixed in place to provide the dramatic effect. Timber slabs for the fronts of all the bars and kitchen areas had to be sourced as solid slabs from trees milled to approximately 40mm in thickness and bookmatch joined in width in some cases to form the sizes required - generally 900mm to 1000mm in width. All joins on the corners are square toothed.

The process to completion was quite intricate. All the timber slabs were hand fitted one by one and were then individually removed and coated on both sides to protect and minimize warping. Once coated, the slabs were then all finally refitted. All finishes were done by Diemme and were mainly a wax finish bringing out the natural grain in the timbers while obtaining a resonably consistent colour throughout.

Outside signage and blackboards were also handmade with the small hanging signs being from Camfaloural trees just 14mm thick. In this case Canfaloural was used to reduce the possibility of warping often found with other trees when using this thickness of timber. Blackboard frames used recycled Oregon rough sawn with a wax coating for protection while maintaining the natural timber grain and characteristics.

The long main bench seat to the banquet area is a 350mm square slab of Iron Bark that was originally over 10 metres long, cut to the required size of 6.5 metres.

Hand placed with the help of trolleys, the timber has a wax coat finish and is a simply stunning piece of furniture.

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